Monday, 3 January 2011

Today I became an Honorary Grandma

Now at my..ahem.. young age, Grandma is not something I aspire to.  Today, however, my twin dad told me that the support I had given and continue to give to him and his wife is priceless.  They wouldn't be where they are today without it.  He said that the highest compliment he could think to pay me was that I was "Grandma" to his children.  This was the man who was initially sceptical about the role of a Doula.

Now... I know what he's saying... and I thank him for it, but one of my friends said 

"Grandma? You? I don't think so - that young man needs his eyes testing! He needs to be aware that he has a rascally, getting up to no good, fun! fun! fun! auntie for his lucky twins!"

Of course I have no idea what she means lol!

What a great start to the year.  The boys are doing well, one still needs lots of care but the second is growing well and gets more and more kangaroo time with his mum.  

Another of my ladies whose baby didn't get latching on for the first few days is doing very well and feeding at the breast more and more.

A current client, due in February, called just prior to Christmas because she'd been told the baby was breech.  She text to say that her daughter is now head down.

My early March client is a repeat client.  Looking forward to catching up with her and the family as we look towards the birth of her second.  All going well.  My late March/April client initially wanted my Welcome Home Package but after we met she decided, with her husband, that my Birth and Postnatal Package would work better for them.  I love it when I get to support them pre, during and post birth.

My repeat client for May wants a homebirth after her first was born by caesarean section.  She's well read and knows that with the right support it can work.

I'm looking forward to 2011.  Seeing old clients/friends, supporting new clients and watching some of them become friends.

Yeah... I think I'm getting what I hope for.   It's certainly a great start to a new year.

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  1. Loving the blog, fabulous glamorous Auntie-type Mars! I like how you've outlined your journey to Doula-hood.

    I know this is a blog about births, but if you ever fancy throwing a few posts our way about how to juggle running a household of seven, while working, studying AND having a social life, I think many of us would be grateful for the tips!