Saturday, 15 January 2011

Silent Phone

So here I am, sat in bed.  My phone is silent.  That's a good thing.  It means that none of my ladies are in need of me (did I mention my god complex?).  I'm not on call.  I've said that several times haven't I?  It's good not to be on call.  I can sit back and relax and do some of those things I like to do without interruption.

But I confess!  I'm bored.  There are times when I long not to be on call, but there is no pleasing me.  I keep checking my phone to make sure it's not broken.  I scrabble around in the bottom of my inbox to check for missing messages.  I look through the pictures of the babies that I've seen come into the world.  I play around with the photo slideshow on my laptop.

<Interrupts for quick scream of pride/joy/elation.  Number One Son has just had his third University offer.  So far Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds have seen the brilliance that is my boy.  Just waiting on Exeter and Bristol.  I think I may burst!>

So what will today bring me?  Lots of time with Breastfeeding and Human Lactation and as I read through the chapters I'll be testing my knowledge with the online tests.  Then I'll need to find someone to talk to about what I've learnt so that I know it's grounded in my mind.

And talk about "talking too soon" my Christmas Eve lady just called.  She has a problem with oversupply.  Of course this is a "good" problem to have.  Her baby is growing well and she is happy.  So a quick conversation, signposting good websites including the wonderful Dr Jack Newman and How Breastfeeding Works. So all should go well there.  I look forward to the update.

Calls like that simply serve to make me want to study more and to gain my IBCLC status.  I am keen to get it because I love learning and I want the shiny badge.  Also, I want to formalise my knowledge so that I can speak with authority (for my benefit) when things outrage me. I also find myself devouring blogs such as The Analytical Armadillo and reading whatever I find.

Time to study!  I've answered a call.  I've called the world to share my pride.  Now back at it.

Did I mention Number One Son got three offers????? lol

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