Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Some time for me

My on call started two days ago so booking a theatre trip was a bit risky, albeit a small risk.  I adore the theatre.  I booked tickets to see End of the Rainbow at Trafalgar Studios.  To say it was sublime is to understate matters.  Tracie Bennett was, in my eyes, superb!  Wow but I could see Judy Garland up there on the stage.

Today I had a rare day off and so I chanced my arm again and went to John Lewis on Oxford Street where I had booked the lovely Kay Ross, one of the Fashion Advisers to help me choose some new dresses.  Well a woman gets bored with the contents of her wardrobe sometimes.  A full bag and an emptier bank account later  I was on my way home.

Once the children have been fed and watered I shall be turning my hand to making marmalade (oh and roasting a duck because I have a yen for some duck tonight).

So whilst I'm waiting for the Toad in the hole to cook (the Reprobates turn their noses up to duck... well except Number One Son who eats everything) I find myself thinking about my ladies and the ones who do well.

The ones who do particularly well have one thing in common.  They recognise the importance of rest once their babies have arrived.  They go back to bed and sleep when the baby sleeps.  If they can't sleep they pop their feet up and either watch DVD boxsets or flick through trashy magazines.  Make a nest, have the phones (if necessary) to hand alongside the tv remote, some snacks and drinks.

Once a baby is born, the temptation is to shrug it off as though you'd done no more than a gentle stroll around the park is high.  Family, friends, dare I say society (or is that the latest celebrity to give birth) both show and tell new mums of the importance of not letting the baby rule their lives. "All you've done is have a baby.  You're not sick".  We're so used to rushing from one place to the other and maybe our work is high velocity.  Slowing down isn't easy.  It's important for Mum to sleep.  Growing, birthing and nuturing new life is more work than you think.

Don't worry, you'll be back to late night salsa dancing before you know it.  As for me... the sausages are done!

The wonderful Tracie Bennet in End of the Rainbow

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  1. You are so, so right about the rest thing. There seems to be almost a competitiveness aboutwho can "bounce back" the quickest.
    No - when you've had a baby you're not "sick" but you body does need to recover; and what better way of getting to know that precious new life than snuggling down together in the bed or on the sofa?
    Keep spreading the word Mars.
    Smile and be happy,
    Marion x x