Saturday, 29 January 2011

Long distance relationships

Now I'm sure you all know that I love love love my job.  So when a friend messaged me to tell me that his wife was feeling fed up as she was now 9 days past her Estimated Due Date (EDD), well what was I to do but offer to help if I could.  I suggested acupuncture, booking in treats to while away the time, relaxation etc.  He told me that she'd had a bit of traumatic time for the birth of their first and so I offered to do a quick birth de-brief.  I ended saying... "of course you'll probably find she goes into labour before she calls me later".

So of course, just before she called me... she began early labour.  So it was a brief chat as we talked through her options and the things that she might find helpful.  Later that evening I got a message saying that they were in hospital and she was 2cm dilated and her waters had gone.  Fab news.  I gave the advice I would normally give, eat small bits regularly, drink well, pee at least every 2 hours.  I also told them that sideways walking up and down stairs was good for opening the pelvis and encouraging the baby to descend.  The reply came that I was mad!  Within 40 mins the next message said "You're good!"

I love that I am able to support people even from a distance and so fell asleep feeling very happy.  I did tell them to let me know when the baby came no matter what time it was. I got a text a 5.48am to say that their daughter had been born and that all was well.

Yesterday another friend messaged to ask if I had meant my offer of breastfeeding support as she had some questions.  I said that she could call.  So we talked about positioning and the best way to support the baby at the breast.  She wanted to know about expressing so that her husband could help out.  We also talked about how milk supply is established and the fact that her 3 week old daughter would now be going through a growth spurt.  She put down the phone satisfied with my help I think and I smiled the rest of the day.

I think that the key to support is the being there, whether physically or at the end of the phone/text/email and I am glad that I am able to be there.

Met a couple this morning who are looking for a birth and a postnatal Doula.  I told them to take some time to make their decision and they called a few hours later to say I was their Doula.  Happiness.

And another text from my friend and his wife "Thanks so so much for your comforting advice.  You are special."

Now that's what I call a good day.

Just a few hours old

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