Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy World IBCLC Day!


Happy World IBCLC Day!

What on earth is an IBCLC?  An IBCLC is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  

An IBCLC is the person you want should you find any bumps in your breastfeeding road.  This is also the person you might want to speak to antenatally if you've heard how hard breastfeeding is going to be.  Maybe you've found out that you're having multiples and you want to speak to someone who knows about feeding multiples or any one of her colleagues.  You can find IBCLCs across the world.

I was talking to a Postnatal client today.  She's from Norway and has beautiful twin daughters.  She told me that in Norway breastfeeding is the cultural norm and therefore it wasn't until she came to England that she realised people had issues with breastfeeding.  What a wonderful way to live, assuming that breastfeeding just happens and problems are rare.  Much preferable to our society's determination to make it seem more difficult than it ought to be.  Don't get me wrong, I know that there are reasons why some women can't breastfeed.  This I fully accept.  I work with these women.  I've seen the baby that wouldn't suckle and nurse for 12 weeks, the allergic twin, the "nope, I don't get it...wait (2.5 weeks on)... I get it now" baby.  I've seen mastitis, engorgement, low supply, over supply and breast abscesses (I won't link that one.  If you don't have it, don't google it.  NOT pretty!)

In an ideal world there would be no need for a Doula nor a Lactation Consultant (International or not).  However, this world is not ideal and therefore I am able to have a career that I love and adore.  In July I will sit the 6 hour IBCLC exam and if I've done enough work, revision etc and not gone into meltdown on the day, I will join the honoured ranks of the IBCLC.

For now though lift a glass with me and give thanks for that person that helps smooth the bumps in the road.


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