Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just dropped in

So I had to share this birth story with you all.  Before you read any further just know that all is well.

I was having a quiet Saturday, having hosted two, that's right two, birthday parties for the Wee Weapons this week.  Lady Baby had a craft party at Sally Bourne last Wednesday.  It was a real cupcake bunting affair.  Boy Child was not impressed and so had a football party at Power League.  I drank wine.  It was easier that way.

My next client was on my mind.  Her EDD was today but that was not to be the plan.  Both her and her husband were hoping that the baby would wait at least another week.  Instead she called me at 12.30pm to say that she'd been having cramping pains since 8.30am and that they were 10 minutes apart.  Lovely!  So I knew that at some point that evening I would get the call to go.

Did a few things at home, Lady Baby had a party to go to (the wee socialite) and the Big Three were all busy doing different things.  Boy Child and I hung out.

Then at 4.30pm I get a second phone call.  The contractions are now 5 minutes apart and she's thinking of attempting to watch a film whilst lying on her side.  I asked if she wanted me there, but she was happy to continue on for a while.  So I got my stuff together, arranged for my neighbour to have Boy Child (and Lady Baby on her return) until Number One Son arrived back to take over.  At 4.38pm I get a third call.  She's not so sure that things are working and is wondering what to do.  So I offer to go over and tell her that should she decide to go to the hospital I'll divert the cab.

I take Boy Child to the neighbour and wait on the cab.  Which reminds me... I need to change cab company because they are not as good as they used to be and I need my cab company to be quick and reliable.  At 5.09pm I get the fourth call, they have just arrived at the hospital.  I can hear her in the background and the sounds are promising, not so much for me as the baby sounds imminent and I don't want to miss it.  I arrive at 5.23pm and go straight into their room where mum is on all fours rocking.  She's calm and the contractions don't seem to be bothering her.

Whenever the contractions were strong she stood, much to the chagrin of the midwife, and swayed.  She began making louder moans and when the contractions were rising she would hum.  There was no time or need for a vaginal exam.  Her waters had gone moments before I walked in the door and she could now feel the head bearing down.  The midwife brought in a birthing stool and told her to use it, but she didn't find it comfortable and wanted to stand.  The midwife told her she was more at risk of tearing by standing, having previously told her she was happy to support her in whatever birthing position she wanted to use.

Now, this is where I want you to remember my second sentence - Before you read any further just know that all is well.  

Whilst the midwife was explaining why she would want mum to squat, mum had a strong contraction and the baby shot out.  The cord snapped and she fell onto the floor (know that all is well).  Of course this caused shock for mum who was convinced she had damaged and concussed her baby.  The midwife grabbed the baby and checked her over whilst simultaneously leading mum to the bed.  I hit the help button so that another midwife could come in and check over mum who was bleeding (due to the placenta still being in and the cord having snapped).  The time is 6.23pm.

The second midwife gave mum the syntometrin injection and manually removed the placenta.  I kept hold of mum's hand and talked calmly to both her and dad about the resilience of babies and kept encouraging them to listen to her cries and to watch her skin pink up (babies are rather blue/grey looking when born).

The midwife calls for the paed to come and assess the baby and they are kept in overnight for observation.  My lady needs stitches for a second degree tear and once that is all done baby is weighed and is a lovely 7lbs.  Lots of smiles from both mum and dad and one very alert baby surveys the scene (well as far as her wee unfocussed eyes can see).

The midwives leave and mum and baby now have uninterrupted skin to skin and wait for breastfeeding to begin.  The wee girl begins the breast crawl (try to ignore the number of people around the mother, also you don't have to be lying down for the baby to crawl).  It isn't long before she has found her way to the breast and lies happily with it in her mouth.  She makes some small feeding attempts but is mainly happy to gaze up at her mother.

When I leave them, Mum, Dad and Baby are all happy in each other's company.  I received a text this morning telling me that there have been many poos and lots of feeds.  I'll see them again in a couple of days to de-brief the birth and check in on any issues.

No matter how long I do this, or how many births I do, something always surprises me.

Lady Baby at her Cupcake Bunting Party

Designed by Lady Baby (yellow icing with mini cupcakes on top)

Boy Child. Man of the Match


  1. Thank GOODNESS the mum had you, Mars - the calm hand-holding and reassurance will have helped no end, I am very sure.

    Lovely cupcake bunting party - how fantastic! xx

  2. It's offical. I'm desperately jealous of the cupcake bunting party.