Friday, 31 December 2010

What will 2011 bring?

I'm just getting ready to go out and party.  Well I'm no longer on call and there's Caribbean food and dancing calling my name.

And my mind has, naturally, drifted forwards to 2011.  Birthwise I'm booked through May.  Two of the bookings are from repeat clients.  There's something wonderful about a couple choosing to use my services again.  It's the ultimate testimonial.  Some of my past clients have moved abroad.  One emailed to tell me that even though the birth was very different from what she wanted (caesarean section) I was still supporting her.  One of her friends had found my "How To Make Your Caesarean Personal" on a parenting forum and sent it to her.  Others emailed to tell me their news and tell me that my support the first time round allowed them to have similar births.  Some moved away after I had supported them a couple of times (not taking it too personally lol) and have said that they won't have more without me.  I'm up for first class tickets to a luxury destination in order to support them :wishful thinking:

What do I want in 2011?

Well the current economic climate has made it quiet for Doulas.  I give thanks that I'm booked up.  I know some who are struggling and so giving up Doula-ing in order to get work.  That saddens me because I truly believe that women need and will continue to need Doulas.  Postnatally there isn't much work about.  People are tightening belts and getting by.  Of course this quiet allows me space to study and to read, but I do miss it.  My Mum says that the reason I love being a Doula is "because [I] have a lot of knowledge and [I] like to share it!"  There's a lot of truth in that.

So my wish is simple.  Yes I wish to keep working, but as I look forward I want my ladies to have boringly normal births.  No high dramas, no dramatic arrivals.  Just bog standard birth!  I want their babies to be healthy and strong.  I want my mums to be filled with confidence and joy.  I want my dads and partners to see the amazingness that is birth and to feel pride in the ones they love.

I know it may not be that way.  I know that some will not have the births that they want, but I'll be there. Supporting in all circumstance.

A repeat booking came in last night, so I'm on my way to the 2011 I want.

For now... excuse me... need to get dressed and put my lippy on!  I can hear the music and the food smells good!

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  1. I love your blog, Mars. You write v thoughtfully and with a lovely voice. I think you will LOVE reading Anne Lamott. Run don't walk to read Bird by Bird!!! xxx Ali