Thursday, 18 July 2013

Feeling hot hot hot

Summer has finally arrived.  The sky is a fantastic blue and as to clouds... what on earth are clouds?  It's wonderful.  I love and adore it.  Floaty dresses and sandals, walking home from the theatre with no cardigan or jacket.  My bones are beginning to feel warm again.  It's truly wonderful and I laugh at the people who grumbled we had no summer, that now grumble it is not autumn.

'What about me Mars?  Do I get dispensation because I'm pregnant?'

Of course you do darling.  But I have one word for you: WATER.  Make sure that you are drinking lots and lots of water.   Just being pregnant raises your body's core temperature.  Add that to the temperatures outside... well I'm guessing that you're not loving the heat as much as I am at the moment. So, carry water.  Drink water.  I'm sure you're already be careful about the amount of caffeine and fizzy drinks you imbibe.  They don't help when you're hot.

Don't worry about stopping in the shade for a while.  Allow your body to cool down.  This is the time to indulge in a nice smoothie or a gorgeous ice cream.  Think of it as being 'medicinal'.  Seriously... ignore everyone and have a second scoop.  Whilst we're talking about food, what about a nice slice of watermelon.  Cool and refreshing.  This is the time of year to enjoy those lovely cold soups.  In fact, I'm looking forward to whipping up a nice vichysiosse.

Thankfully maternity fashion has much improved from the day of the 'tent' dress.  So look for some floaty dresses in breathable fabrics and pop on those lovely sandals.  Get someone to paint your toenails and walk gently.  The weather feels like the Caribbean, so walk like it.  We Jamaicans say 'soon come'... let that be your mantra.  'Me soon come' and stroll, stop in the shade and rest, take your time.  Sip a nice cool drink (okay so if you were in the Caribbean you might sip rum, but I'm thinking more virgin cocktails or mocktails at the moment).  That cooling spray you've packed in your birthing bag, either unpack it or buy some spares.  Pop that in a little bag with your water bottle and you are good to go.  If you feel yourself getting hot, find the ways that work best for you to cool down.

I remember when Space Fairy (my middle child) was born.  I could barely leave the house.  It was a hot summer and just getting to the gate was exhausting.  There were days when the effort was too much.  So yes, you get dispensation for being pregnant.  As for me, I have my book, there's a park across the road and I have water.

How you feeling? Hot hot hot!

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