Friday, 18 January 2013

Inspirational Networking

On Thursday 17th January I went to a You Inspire Me Community meet up.  We met in a west end vegetarian restaurant..  Those that know me will understand how difficult I will have found it.  Of course, had I seen portobello mushrooms and halloumi... well I would have been in food heaven.  There was a good array of food and many plates were piled high.  I admit to my bias and my love of meat on the plate (perhaps I should have smuggled in some sausages... hmmm.... bacon!).  Anyhoo... I digress.

You Inspire Me was set up by Corrina Gordon-Barnes, who is warm and friendly.  She laughed at my horror at the lack of meat.  The women (and men) that I met at the networking lunch were from a range of backgrounds, from the woman who sources fair trade materials and makes (what I like to call) trousers to slouch in to Authenticity Coach, Laura Ahnemann.  

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Corrina settled us all in with lunch and then we had a brief talk by Lisa Lister about writing, blogging, getting work into magazines and the ever popular book that we are all in the middle of creating.  She was funny and down to earth and if you look at her CV... she has put in the work.  A short break (you know, bathroom, grab another drink or a plate of cheesecake... yes I went for cheesecake) and then it was time for speed networking.  We were either birds or trees (I swapped to become a tree).  The birds went from table to table, introducing themselves and talking about what they wanted from the meet up.  The trees stayed seated but had the same brief.  Talk, learn, gain, give.  There was so much to learn if you were open for it, and I would imagine that going to a networking event meant that you were open to learn.  Conflict resolutionyogasparkling conversationaccountancycoaching for Mindful Mamas and a South London IBCLC all under one roof.

Lisa Lister

There was a lot of chatter and a fabulous buzz of energy in the room.  It was an amazing afternoon.  I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  Not a bad start to my 2013 plan to attend workshops, courses and networking events.  I'm so enthused that I have already booked on to the 18th April event, featuring Samantha Clarke of Zukuri UnLtd.  She is one stylish individual and I loved meeting her.

Samantha Clarke

Of course this post is full of links to some of the people that I met.  Well.. it was a networking event.  I will be going along with my sister Cheryl who bakes rhum cakes and my plan is to eat some of the yummy onion rings that I missed the first time round.  Fret not, I will take mints or sip some mint tea to sweeten my breath for chatting. Now... any one have tips for smuggling in bacon?


  1. Total pleasure to meet you, Mars - thanks for the write-up and look forward to seeing you at the next event on 18th April. Nearly half the places are booked up already, a sweet combo of been-befores and newbies - look forward to meeting your sister :)

  2. Wow Mars! What a fabulous blog and what a brilliant job you've done of providing links to all of us - how thoughtful of you, thank you. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I love your energy and mischief! Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

  3. Well Mars, I felt as if I was there with you all! Such wonderful and vivid descriptions. Sounds like April is a definite 'not to miss'. Lovely to read xx

  4. It was fab! I had a ham sandwich in my bag, you know, just in case ;) (I'm the renegade omnivore, as my partner is veggie and my stepson vegan).

    I've been non stop since the event so I'm aiming to catch up by end next week! Such a different event when everyone is following up. 2 new clients from it already. Quite amazing.

    PS. I have a pear chocolate cake in the oven if anyone is feeling peckish.

  5. Someone I work with (vaguely) just posted on Twitter "this is my new favourite restaurant" - I thought "ooh yes I might try it out" until I clicked and saw that it was a vegan restaurant...

    1. The food *was* nice Charlie... just lacking in MEAT! :D

  6. Hi Mars,

    Great to meet you & I'm still in awe of your Doula-ness. What an amazing job! I came home and announced that I was going to become a Doula too, but my boyfriend pointed out that I've probably got enough going on with Marzipants! Thanks for the mention by the way, they are indeed the ultimate slouchy, loungy, snuggly trousers in the world!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next one. I'll make sure I bring you a packet of frazzles!

    M x