Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodnight 2012. Good morning 2013.

Wow! 2012 is about to end.  

Had to happen really.  Time moves on.

So, what's ahead for 2013?  Well this year I will be doing more studying and writing.  I have a course that I'm in the middle of writing, but more of that in the New Year.  I have booked into MAMA Conference 2013 and am really looking forward to it.  This year I'm going up a day early and leaving the following day.  This will allow me to breathe and reflect on the things that I've heard and the people I've met, rather than rushing back home.  Of course one of my past clients has now booked me for a baby whose guess date is around then.  I have a fabulous back up doula on standby, but am praying that she births before I leave. 

Having seen the amazing affects of placental encapsulation, I have decided to train to become an encapsulist myself. I come at all things with a gentle sense of cynicism, and become the strongest of converts.  It will be an interesting time I think.

In May I will be attending Penny Simkin's FROM TRAUMA TO TRIUMPH: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Trauma and Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women.  I'm looking forward to that. I wanted to go a Penny Simkin workshop a couple of years ago, but my on call status prevented me.  This time, if I'm on call, I will have to rely on a back up doula.  At the moment though, I will have just come off call.  Whatever happens, I do believe that we are at the births we are meant to be at.  

All of this study will start with a time of inspiration as I attend a You Inspire Me Community Meet up hosted by Corinna Gordon-Barnes.  A gorgeous sister doula, Maisie Hill told me about her and so I'm excited by it.

2012 was incredibly exciting for me.  I saw the physiological birth of twins, VBACs, HBACs, long slow labours and incredibly fast labours.  I'm looking forward to the births of 2013 and I'm looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and meeting more and more people within this amazing world of birth.

I wish you joy, health, happiness and laughter in 2013.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Hello! I'm reading as I'm going to Corrina's event too and Maisie is a client of mine (yes, she's awesome). I didn't know what a doula was before Maisie contacted me and now I'm a big fan :)