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Birth Affirmation

I've been umming and aahing about the blog that I want to write at the moment.  I can't write it because I'm rather cross and angry and no one want to read that stuff.  So in light of the 'you can't', 'your baby will die' and the 'your baby will be brain dead unless you do it my way' comments that some of my ladies have heard recently... it's time for some Birth Affirmations that my lovely Doula Sister, Katherine Woodbury has gathered.

I trust my body

My body was made for this

I listen to my body and I respond accordingly

I wait on my body to direct my next breath, my next surge, my next release of breath, my next inhale.

I am connected to my infant; my baby knows my heart beat, my breathing, my voice, the feeling of my love.

My body is perfect for birthing, it grew my baby all the while I just went about my normal living.

I trust it's wisdom and knowledge.

I trust it's ancient structure, and I give birth easily and effortlessly as I trust my body to do the work.

I am celebrating myself, my life and my coming birthing day

I see myself in perfect health

I affirm myself as a good mother

I am meeting my daily energy needs, I exercise regularly, I sleep and rest, I take in good foods and plenty of water

I am accepting my birth, my body as it is, my self as a new mother

I take care with comments from others, and recognize even well wishers can inadvertently give me suggestions that might diminish my belief in myself. I take myself away from these people quickly and easily.

I learn the greatest "pattern interruption" that I have is my blessed need to use the ladies room, and I use it whenever a situation is not to my liking.

I lovingly accept my changing body

I easily recognize where stress is coming from and I learn to release that easily.

I use proper foods in good proportion that is just right for nurturing this new life inside me.

I accept that others may not be as focused as I am on the baby, and I release any concerns about what others are doing and I choose to take care of myself first.

I notice when I get tense, and I consciously relax those areas of my body.

I start with relaxing my shoulders, and breathing all the way down "to my toes".

I remind myself to relax my whole body often.

When ever I feel tension in my back, I breathe into it, and relax.

I relax each muscle at a time.

My body is beautiful, I have a loving and caring team of professionals around me through my pregnancy and birth

My body is growing a new life inside

I am proud of my body and I  trust it.

I trust it to add all the toes and fingers and to choose the right eye colour and hair, and to make a strong heart, and lungs and body. All I have to do, is continue to breathe and my body will do all the rest!

I accept each stage of the pregnancy as a new wonderful adventure.

I accept each stage of the birth as a new wonderful adventure

I accept all the states of motherhood as this same wonderful adventure

I love myself, I accept myself, just the way I am.

As I prepare for labour I remember I am in control

I trust my body, I love my body! It's just amazing! I am an amazing being.

I wait on what is best for my baby and I let my baby set the pace

My mind and body are calm

I stop my mind from running to thoughts of worry or fears,by using positive thinking as my first affirmation.

I notice when my thoughts are fearful, and I choose to change them.

Even though I'm feeling unsure, a little fearful, and a little vulnerable, even though I'm not sure of what is coming or how I will be, I totally love and accept myself and my baby.

 I feel so good about this I know it's going to empower me and I know when I've my baby iin my arms,  I will have made a personal transition in my journey as a woman. I look forward to this transtition, and I'm excited about this next phase of my life.

If in doubt, breathe out

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.

If it hurts, get off it, move it around, rub it better.

Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.

Focus on what you can do, then do it with all your heart.

Birth is a safe and wonderful experience.

I will give birth without complications.

I am not afraid.

I know my baby feels our calmness and confidence.

I trust in my ability to give birth.

My body knows exactly what it is doing.

I am confident in my ability to birth
naturally, painlessly amd easily.

During labour and birth,I am completely relaxed and comfortable.

I will have an uncomplicated, peaceful,joyous and pleasurable birth.

My baby is healthy.

I am completely cooperating with my body.

I will breathe deeply and slowly to relax my muscles making it easier for my uterus to work.

My body is made to give birth, nice and easy.

I believe my baby’s birth will come quickly and easily.

My body is completely relaxed.

All I need to do is relax and breathe – nothing else.

Everything is going right.

I feel the strong waves of labourand know that everything is normal and progressing.

Relax my mind and muscles.

I have Courage, faith and patience.

My body knows how to have this baby just as my body knew how to grow this baby.

Keep breathing slow and even. Inhale peace, exhale tension.

Keep my mind on acceptance and surrender.
I surrender my birthing over to my baby and my body.

My body has a wide open space for my baby to descend. There is nothing in the way.

My body will give birth in its own time.

I love my baby and I am doing all that is necessary to bring about a healthy birth.

Birth is an easy and natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.

The strength of my uterine contractions is a sign of my feminine strength.

I have the energy and stamina to birth my baby.

There will be no complications.

I surrender to the contractions and relinquish control of the forces within my body.

I allow my body’s natural anaesthesia to flow through my body.

I do not fight the birth in any way. My body is totally relaxed. I am not afraid.

The power and intensity of my contractions cannot be stronger than me, because it is me.

I am ready and prepared for childbirth.

My job is to simply relax and allow the birth to happen.

Just let my body do it; let it happen.

I see myself handling everything beautifully.

Each contraction produces a healthy, positive pain that I can handle.

Birth will go exactly as it should.

* My mind and body can handle a labour of any kind

* I will have a strong and healthy baby

* I trust my body to know how to birth this child

* I trust my instincts to know what I need in labour

* I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby

* I am a strong and capable woman

* Only I can give birth to this baby and I accept responsibility for that challenge

* My body knows how to birth my baby

* I trust my instincts

* Babies are born when they are ready, not when doctors, midwives or anyone decides

* My body is indeed beautifully and wonderfully made

* It’s good for me to take care of myself. I get to have a voice

* I have to be truthful with myself

* Listen to my body and heart

* I deserve to have the birth I desire

* I trust my body

* I trust my pain

* I trust my labour

* I trust in my baby

* I am a strong and capable woman

* I am a powerful, loving and creative being

* I am now willing to experience all my feelings

* My pelvis releases and opens as have those of countless women before me

* I accept myself completely here and now

* I now feel inner peace and serenity

* I accept this labour as my labour and believe it is the right one for me and for my baby

* I love and accept my body completely

* I accept all my feelings as part of myself

* I feel the love of others around me

* My baby knows all is well

* My heart knows what my baby needs, my mind is learning

* I am a powerful, loving and creative being

* I accept myself completely here and now

* I now feel inner peace and serenity

* I accept all my feelings as part of myself

* Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world

* I embrace the concept of healthy pain

* I have enough love to go around, the universe always provides

* I am strong, confident assured, assertive and very feminine

* My body contains all the knowledge necessary to give birth to my baby

* My baby knows how and when to be born

* Birth is a safe and wonderful experience

* My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time

Some of these may or may not appeal to you, but however you view them and/or use them, I'm guessing they are better thoughts to fill your heads with.  I know that I like them. 

Go, birth the way it was intended, giving thanks for the life saving interventions and for the trouble free births.

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