Sunday, 22 January 2012

Waiting on a baby

My next lady's baby is due any time in the next couple of weeks.  So I've been filling my on call time with cooking, baking and making marmalade.

I have decided that I need to be more proactive with my menu planning.  I need to get on and just blooming do it!  In an effort to do this, I have taken 5 cookbooks down from the shelf. The River Cottage Family Cookbook which holds my tried and trusted bread and pizza recipe.  The Wee Weapons made pizzas and also some butter and were very pleased with themselves.

Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals from which I made a fabulous Jerk Chicken, but I do have to say Jamie... we call them rice n PEAS!!!!!  not beans my friend.

I'm about to look through Economy Gastronomy.  I enjoyed the few episodes that I saw and so bought the book.  Great recipes in there and the blinding revelation that Shepherd's/Cottage Pie is made from leftover lamb and beef respectively, not just mince.  Who know? (Well clearly not me!

We're a bit rubbish about new vegetables in this household, so I went back to the River Cottage for their veg book and a couple of recipes scared me, but more excited me.  I need to get some aubergines. 

The fifth cookbook, I mainly look at for pure pleasure.  But I really must start cooking from it because At Elizabeth David's Table (that I first saw on a friend's table) is full of some delicious creations.

So the cookie tin is full of chocolate chip cookies.  The fridge is bursting with fresh ingredients, a chicken is roasting (Economy Gastronomy chicken recipes to be made with leftovers), Orange and Vanilla marmalade has been put into jars and I need to call my friend for her shortbread recipe.

Time to menu plan, but darn these books are so gorgeous for poring over.

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