Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

So, 2011 is coming a close.

This time last year I was documenting the changes that I wanted in the New Year.  This year, well I'm still hopeful of change in the birthing world and in the world of breastfeeding.  Another year has merely increased my love and passion for the work that I do.

I have seen some incredible births this year and I've seen some that have made me cry, and not tears of joy.  Life!  What a funny cycle it is.  

So, my plan for 2012?  To continue to grow in knowledge about this miracle of birth.  To continue to help new families come together.  The first half of the year is mostly booked up and I am grateful for that.  I pray that the births I witness in 2012 are beautiful ones, trauma free ones, joyful ones and that the only tears are ones of joy.  That's what I pray for and what I expect.  Should some of the births not quite all that I hope they are, well I pray for the grace to come through them and to fully support my ladies and their partners.

In 2012 I will meet some first time parents, some established parents and I will have the joy of attending the birth of babies whose siblings I saw into the world.

So, thank you 2011 for all that you taught me.  We won't meet again, but I look forward to meeting your successor 2012.  Here's to knowledge, here's to the new families.  Let's change things, one birth at a time.

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