Sunday, 24 April 2011

Raise your glass

Today is my birthday and I've been on this earth for 44 years.  In that time I have been pregnant with and given birth to five gorgeous children.  I have been truly blessed.

As well as giving birth to my lovely brood, I have seen many many other babies come into the world.  Every birth day brings joy to my heart.  Some of the births are not what I would have liked to see, too much intervention, doctors or midwives who forget that there is a mother in the room birthing a child (or more).  Many of the births I see are wonderful, mother empowering births.  All of my ladies display an incredible strength and I stand in awe of them.

Today is also Easter Sunday and whatever your belief (or not) today is a day that the loss of a Son is remembered and the hope of His return.

So today I want to raise my glass to the mothers that have lost babies and/or children and to the babies/children who have lost mothers.  I think of my friend Dominic who died 22 years ago leaving behind his mother.  I think of my gorgeous friend Jo who died in November last year leaving behind three children.  I think of my friend who went through the pain of having a healthy twin boy die unnecessarily  when her concerns weren't listened to through labour.  I think of my friend Pam who was my breastfeeding guru (she was on my speed dial) who died last October.  I think of my lovely Mrs Cross who died aged 93 at home in her own bed last August.

Now before you think I'm being maudlin on my birthday, I raise my glass to these people because they have helped to shape the woman that I am today.

I raise my glass to those wonderful men and women who allow me to be part of a very special time in their lives (often more than once).

And I raise my glass to my mother who told me my own birth story rather simply:  "It was a nothing.  Me finish cooking the dinner and sorting de tings me need to sort,  Me never bother with all dem drugs and people bothering me fi tings.  Me simply tek meself to the hospital and push you out.  It na tek much."

So Happy Easter people.  If you think of me today with any birthday wishes, raise a glass to mothers throughout the world, those who are holding their babies and those that are not.

Laughing with family and friends 


  1. Raising a glass to you and to all mothers around the world. Also raising a glass to our family. We are truly blessed to have the family we have. Love you sis. Happy Birthday. Cx

  2. I too am in total awe of the mothers of this world. Could I survive nine months of pregnancy and childbirth? Probably, but there'd be a few injured relatives and friends along the way! But I suppose the thing that amazes me most is a mother's unconditional love (even when a child steals from her money box ... I was young!) And I definitely raise my glass to the most beautiful mother of five on the planet!

  3. A wonderful toast. Happy (late) Birthday!